The industrial style is inspired by the design of industrial spaces and uses their ‘airiness’ and purposefulness.

The design work with pipes or even electrical systems has the unique industrial style signature. While other styles try to hide these elements in the house walls, the industrial style does not see them as drawbacks.

Bricks, raw concrete, glass surfaces, as well as natural elements are all details that are not to be forgotten.

Use of old furniture or accessories. Parts of old machinery, furniture, boilers can be used to make an interesting chair, table or decoration. In terms of the materials used, the industrial style does not set boundaries.

Functionality is what the industrial style is all about.

The industrial style continues to gain momentum. It is distinctive, elegant and functional. These features make it a truly unique design element that will dictate trends for a long time to come.

Years of experience

About our company

We have mainly focused our activities on industry since the establishment of EUCOS SK s.r.o. in 2006. Our main activity was the reconstruction and restoration of industrial buildings. We gradually managed to gain experience in the metallurgical, energy and engineering industries, which is very valuable in terms of implementation in this area of construction.




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