EUCOS SK s.r.o.

Industrial construction
Oceľové konštrukcie
Steel construction
Klampiarska výroba

About our company

The aims of EUCOS SK s. r. o. is to present ourselves as a leader in the construction industry and to provide cost-effective and high-quality products and services to ensure competitiveness.

We have mainly focused our activities on industry since the establishment of EUCOS SK s.r.o. in 2006. Our main activity was the reconstruction and restoration of industrial buildings. We gradually managed to gain experience in the metallurgical, energy and engineering industries, which is very valuable in terms of implementation in this area of construction. We have experience in structural steel production and erection in Slovakia and also abroad (Spain, France, Turkey, Romania and Germany).

We strive to constantly expand our business activities in the main areas of our activity, which include the construction of industrial buildings, production and structural steel erections, industrial design, applying coating systems, rehabilitation of concrete structures, diamond cutting and core drilling, repair of flat roofs and structures, cladding halls and buildings, high-rise and ground construction works and special cleaning works.


– 2006 establishment of the company

– 5200m2 production facilities

– 1500m2 office premises

– 2021 – 15 years of EUCOS

– 2022 establishment of the RIINWA

– completion of the construction of block 3 nuclear power plant Mochovce

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Kováčska 38

044 25 Medzev



+421 907 499 522

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